Espresso Bar Deli | Branding

Espresso Bar is a well-established chain of coffee bars in Tel Aviv. In 2015, they opened a unique branch incorporating a deli featuring a variety of gourmet food products from around the world. The challenge was to integrate a variety of flavors and products into one brand image that exudes quality, authenticity and variety.

The packaging and promotional items created for Espresso Bar Deli include shopping bags, gift and lunch boxes, product labels and tags. Everything was printed using a unique combination of uncoated, unbleached substrates, string, single color print treatment and stamp detail to deliver a traditional craft-based aesthetic that pays homage to local farmers’ markets. Mixed typography expresses unique personality alongside conventional communication while illustrated details, borders and ribbons suggest heritage, knowledge and experience. Its solid execution neatly reflects traditional values with contemporary quality and consistency.

Interior Design: Keren Mayer | Photography: Kfir Harbi




eco bag