GreenSpense | Branding

GreenSpense was launched with the vision of harnessing the latest elastomer technology to create eco-friendly dispensers that require no propellants or pumping. At the heart of GreenSpense’s revolutionary concept is the value of environmental protection and connecting with the growing trend of manufacturing products that are non-polluting and help keep the air free of harmful chemicals. Consumer preference for green products is growing steadying, and protecting the environment and passing along a healthy planet to the next generation are key reasons why many people purchase green products when the options are available. GreenSpense’s technology is a key enabler to support this trend.

To convey the marketing message of its innovative technology, we chose the approach of designing different products according to their different materials, thereby illustrating the company’s technology development capabilities. Each packaging was designed to emphasize the product benefits and how GreenSpense’s technological benefits are reflected in the product.